The quarantine diaries – Chapter 2



As we all know, the world is a strange place since a couple of months. 
Not long ago, at the end of 2019 and on New Year’s Eve, we were all wishing happy New Year, lots of success, happiness and - on top of it - health.

A lot has changed since then and we all have to adjust to our new reality. Depending on our professional roles and where we live, the adjustment has been more or less severe. With that as a background, we continue our series of insights into our co-workers everyday work and how they handle working from home for the forseeable future.

This time it's time for our colleague in the Netherlands - Joyce Willemsen. 

Time: Week 17 – Year 2020
Country: Nehterlands
City: Zevenaar
Flat or House: House
Garden: Yes, feel so lucky
How many are you at home: 2
Lockdown: Intelligent lockdown

Could you describe a typical daily work?

My typical daily work starts quite the same as normal. I wake up, walk with the dog, eat breakfast and start my laptop to get started.

Already before Covid-19 I worked from home some days of the week, so it is not that different actually.

The only difference is that my boyfriend is now also working from home. We are lucky to have a house with multiple floors, so we can split up and both have calls without disturbing each other.

Even the times that I start working can vary from day to day, as we are at TenderEasy in an international environment, so we also work with customers and colleagues in different time zones, like Japan & US.

Today I have started my day a bit early to have a call with a customer in Japan to discuss and support an ongoing tender.
What did you do during your last weekend?

Actually last weekend I started running again, as I am a ‘good weather’ runner and I live in the Netherlands, not a great combination. 

As we have a dog for around one year now, it was my first time running together with the dog. It was a big success actually, as the dog did like it a lot, and was tired after the run, what is quite nice for a change.
With family we are most of the days doing some video calling to make sure everyone is okay, and to still be able to see everyone! This weekend, we had a videocall all together, it was a mess, but a lot of fun.

How do you feel?

I feel lucky to not be sick yet, as far as I know, as I feel good for now. But ofcourse I am worried regarding the less healthy persons around us. So as Barbara already stated, it is so important to reduce your social contacts, and stay home as much as possible, even if you feel fine, to also keep the ‘less healthy’ persons safe!

Tips to make it easier:

Try to be positive, have a laugh, look at the bright side to make sure you keep some nice positive energy going on!

And be nice for each other, we have to all get through this, why not do it together (not physically together)!