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Spot bidding the easy way


TenderEasy's spot tool was created to provide shippers with the flexibility needed to find the right carrier at the right time for specific shipments.

It doesn't matter how good your planning is, when you work in the transportation industry you're going to get your fair share of surprises. Carriers suffering capacity issues, unexpected shipments, pandemics and natural disasters… You never know what's waiting round the corner. That's why spot bidding on transport is an invaluable tool to have in your back pocket.

Whether you're a global multi-national or specialized in local markets, the ability to source carriers on an ad-hoc basis with spot bidding is always useful. It gives you the peace of mind that you'll always be able to spot transport partners at short-notice.

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Benefit from our spot request solution

We created TenderEasy to make freight tendering easy. We follow this vision every day, and today world-class companies use TenderEasy for their transport sourcing, being intuitive and easy-to-use for both buyers and sellers of transport services.

How can I use spot request?

Below we list some typical situations where spot request and live auction can add value to your organization.

Air freight

Shipping goods by air transport is quick, but also expensive. Your freight agreement might be good for low weight shipments, but why not use spot bidding functionality for heavy weight/bulky shipments?

Benchmark market price

Want to check what is the market price for actual shipments? Use spot request tool to quickly ask the market and your preferred logistic service providers for a price from A to B.

Limited capacity

Is your nominated service providers out of trucks or drivers, and you still need to ship your goods to customer? Use spot request tool to secure your deliverables to your customer and stakeholders.

New business

Are you growing your business, adding new customers or finding new suppliers? Use spot request tool to get market prices for your transportation needs. Growing your transport network has never been so easy.

Select place of origin and destination, type of transport, type of goods and timeline. Invite your selected carriers, now your reverse auction has started, let the system do the rest!

Once the bidding time  is over, you will be able to select your preferred carrier and book their services in just a couple of clicks. The system keeps track of everything, so the information is available to be reused or used in future tenders.

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