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Back in 2012, after several years working in the freight industry, we were frustrated. Frustrated that we had to keep dealing with the same inefficiencies and manually wade through huge data sets.

We knew there was an easier way.

That's when we created TenderEasy

We used our sector experience to design a solution that takes away the pains of the freight procurement process. Since then we've grown quickly and started working with businesses across the globe. Our solution helps companies manage freight tendering on air, land, and sea.

A new chapter with Alpega

In 2018, we joined the Alpega Group, a leading global logistics software company that provides end-to-end TMS-solutions and covers all transport needs. Being part of Alpega means we can provide access to even more carriers as well as integration with Alpega's suite of best-in-class tools.  

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TenderEasy's vision

TenderEasy’s vision is to become the first choice for sustainable freight tendering, we will realise potential for our customers by independent and easy to use freight optimization, in the air, on land and on the seven seas.

TenderEasy's mission

TenderEasy’s mission is to release value in the supply of physical products worldwide by providing innovative freight procurement solutions in the air, on land and on the sea.

TenderEasy's people

Johan Vagerstam


+46 73 356 1711


Johan is TenderEasy’s CEO and co-founder. He is passionate about changing the way the freight industry works and making complex processes simple. 

Johan has more than 15 years’ experience working in freight, across product development and all transport modes, with particular expertise in e-sourcing and freight procurement. He has a degree in IT from Umeå University in Sweden.


Fredrik Nergell


+46 70 452 9100


Fredrik is passionate about logistics procurement and sharing best-practice and innovation. He has extensive sector experience and has worked LSP side with Wallenius Lines, Maersk Logistics and MSC, and shipper side with Electrolux.

He has a degree in marketing and economics from RMI-Berghs in Sweden.

Anders Åbjörn



Anders is TenderEasy’s CTO and co-founder.

He’s always been fascinated by technology and science and starting programming when he was still at school. Since then he’s worked as a software developer and graduated to leading large teams. Today he proudly manages TenderEasy’s development team. 

Our partners

Alpega TMS is the combination of two of the market’s most innovative, established and trusted solutions: inet and Transwide. Alpega TMS offers a truly scalable cloud-based solution to empower transport professionals to manage their logistics and supply chain processes. Its unique scalability and best-in-breed standalone solutions ensure shippers benefit from a system that evolves alongside their needs, regardless of the complexity of their logistics processes. 

Alpega TMs is part of Alpega Group, a leading global logistics software company with 30+ years of experience in the transportation sector, offering modular solutions that cover all transportation and logistics complexity needs.

Visit the Alpega Group page for more information.

TenderEasy is a member of Q3. Q3 shall support, audit and assess buyers of heavy transports to ensure that their procurement criteria lead to:

  • A better work environment in the transport chain.
  • Enhanced safety in the road transport system.
  • Reduced environmental impact from road traffic.

TenderEasy is a member of Q3. The aim is to share our knowledge and learn from the experiences of our industry peers working with transportation companies, forwarders and shippers. 

For more information please visit the Q3 website.

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