Why you should always give feedback to your suppliers

So you’ve just launched your RFQ. Now it’s time to sit back, relax and wait for the offers to flood in. But, deep down you know what’s coming: providing feedback to your suppliers. 

I’ve spoken to many people who aren’t big fans of this part of the process. Giving feedback about other people’s work, however constructive it might be, isn’t always easy to do, but it’s an essential part of fright tendering – and of life, you might argue!

And giving feedback is a two-way process. Suppliers often put lots of effort into providing you with the best possible offer and demonstrating that you’ve taken the time to study it can do wonders for your relationship. It also shows that you are serious about working with them in the future. 

Building relationships 

Taking the time to comment on their offer also gives you an opportunity to highlight elements of your RFP which they might not have considered. This could lead to lower rate levels, or even them making mutually beneficial suggestions.

Imagine you’ve just finished the first RFQ round and you don’t provide any feedback, what do you think will happen in round two? It’s likely you’ll get exactly the same offers again. On the other hand, if you let the LSPs know, for example, that their transit times are really good, but not needed, as your goods are not time sensitive, this gives them something to build on.

You and your potential suppliers both benefit from this information exchange. Your suppliers learn more about your business and the unique challenges you face. On the other hand, you will benefit via a more tailored offer.

No excuses!

So with that in mind what’s held you back from providing feedback in the past? Was it too much hassle? Were you too busy? Was it too complicated to compare the offers you got? 

Well, TenderEasy is designed to make providing feedback really easy. First of all the solution makes comparing offers very simple and then lets you provide comments to individual suppliers or groups of suppliers. You have the option to use a default feedback template, or create your own. Either way it’s easy.

I know I used the word ‘easy’ quite a bit in the last paragraph, but it really is! Setting up a feedback template just takes a few clicks and you can include graphics to really bring your comments to life. You can really narrow down your focus and comment on individual criteria, such as by lane, if you choose to.

In short - cherish your suppliers and help them get better at what they do. That will not only help them provide a better offer next time, but also strengthen your relationship. 

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