Manual vs. Digital Freight Procurement – what's the difference? Part 2

And we have promised you a solution – so,  let's have a look now into digital procurement!

Digitization means that information is available in digital format – however, in our case, it also means that your tendering process will be more efficient every step of the way. Here is why:

  • Altering the rate sheet format on the supplier side is not possible, so you will get back what you have asked for
  • The system handles bid validation, so time spent on manually validating bids and communicating errors to suppliers disappears
  • All bid responses are compiled and available for comparison directly after bid submission
  • No more searching in e-mails for the documents, such as the NDA, which have you requested from the supplier – and you can be sure they will be there!
  • Run any scenario that your data allows for, with the click of a button
  • Providing feedback to your suppliers is not a hassle anymore

There is much more to it, of course. The key benefit is that you will have more time – much more time actually – to focus on the crucial parts of your bidding process, such as analyzing and negotiation, which will lead to cost optimization based on the service you require.

And you may be wondering: is digital procurement the cure for all of your procurement challenges?  Sorry to disappoint you: No, there are certain limitations, but I have the slight feeling you can happily live with them!

For example, a digital solution will cut the non-value, adding admin time in your freight RFQ process and supporting you to get your results much faster and more efficient. But it will not be replacing your expertise and knowledge of your business, which in the end is what creates your solution and realizes your savings when you're sitting across the table from the LSP.

Have a look into our user-friendly solution – contact us at to find out more.

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