Our top logistics blogs of 2017

As vacation times are descending upon us, it is time to kick back and relax  with a good book, and interesting magazine… or why not some of the latest news and analyses from the world of logistics? The following are some of our favourite logistics blogs, presented in no particular order for your summer reading pleasure:
Logistics Viewpoint (logisticsviewpoints.com)
This blog, curated by Steve Banker, Clint Reiser, Chris Cunnane and Neelam Singh fucuses on current trends and provides advice based on the groups substantial experience in logistics research.
Supply Chain Shaman (supplychainshaman.com)
The shaman in question is Lora Cecere, founder of Supply Chain Insights. The blog focuses on topics such as digital consumer, demand planning, revenue management, etc.
Talking Logistics (talkinglogistics.com)
Logistics industry expert Adrian Gonzales interviews leaders and prominent thinkers within the logistics and supply chain industry in his video talk show/blog.
UPS Longitudes (longitudes.ups.com)
UPS produces this blog focusing on global trends within a wide spectrum of logistics fields, from global trade to autonomous trucks.
Supply Chain Matters (theferrarigroup.com/supply-chain-matters/)
Bob Ferrari, founder of the Ferrari Group shares his experience within everything from supply chain planning and operations customer service and leadership.

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