Ad hoc procurement, how to tackle it?

Lately because of globalization, there has been a surge of ad hoc logistics services required by enterprise shippers. In other words, an increasing number of companies require shipments to be procured on the spot.

Creating a significant challenge to planning, which is the primary concern for supply chain management, but also high costs or poor visibility are few of the many problems related to the ad hoc freight procurement.

Shippers know that they are paying too much, but so far they have had to accept it as many times they are not aware of all their freight origins or destinations with enough time to include it in a tender but they need to get a quote and book their shipments asap.

As a result, we have extended our e-sourcing tool to manage and book spot requests. Allowing shippers to keep track of their ad hoc requests any given moment with great accuracy and efficiency.

With TenderEasy´s spot request functionality shippers are reducing carriers or freight forwarders response time, increasing visibility, reducing costs and ensuring superior customer satisfaction, optimizing their entire value chain.
In today’s logistics market where on-demand planning is increasing in prevalence, ad hoc freight is inevitable for many companies and with greater visibility achieved, operations will be more efficient.

With the right execution strategy, companies could achieve cost savings, increase their control over their expenditure as well as gain a competitive advantage in the industry.

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