The quarantine diaries – Chapter 1



As we all know, the world is a strange place since a couple of months.

Not long ago, at the end of 2019 and on New Year’s Eve, we were all wishing happy New Year, lots of success, happiness and - on top of it - health.

A lot has changed since then and we all have to adjust to our new reality. Depending on our professional roles and where we live, the adjustment has been more or less severe.

Today we’re starting a series of light reading with the purpose of giving you an insight into the daily habits of our co-workers in different countries and how each of us are experiencing and handling this strange situation that the Corona virus has put us in.

First up is our colleague in Paris, Barbara Lacaze.

Time: Week 13 – Year 2020
Country: France
City: Paris
Flat or House: Flat
Garden: No, but small balcony
How many are you at home: 2
Lockdown: Yes
How many days: 7

Could you describe a typical daily work?

Well my typical daily work is quite the same as usual. I wake up a bit later than usual (let’s say 30 minutes) as I don’t have to go to the office.

I turn the radio on, prepare my breakfast, and take time to get prepared as if I was going outside, but I just have to turn my computer on and begin to read my emails and communicate with my colleagues !

Of course, we have time to do some background work as preparing demo, or updating User Guides with new releases ! Supporting our customers, as we all are present and working. During this strange period, it can be very critical for our customers as they deal with transport purchasing. We do our best to provide them support, tips and support them in their challenges.

When I finish, instead of going to gym I took some free apps to do sport at home. I began Yoga that I never tried !

And it looks to be a bit more difficult that I thought !

What did you do during your last weekend?

I did things which I usually don’t take enough time for ! On Friday, I had a House Party by visio with some friends ! It was very nice to see people and speak with them ! I call my family more and more, checking if everything is ok and if they feel well. I cooked while listening to some Live music on FB, read my ongoing book, did some sport and yoga, got outside to run during 30 minutes and had some rest too, watching a series on ***. 

How do you feel ?

I feel lucky to not be sick, neither my family so far. And of course, I feel afraid to give this disease to somebody else. Today in France, we can’t check if everybody is sick of Covid-19, so even if you feel well, you are not sure whether you do or don’t have Covid-19. This is why it’s so important to stay safe and at home to protect everybody. To be in lockdown give us also the opportunity to think about life and how we want to manage it, what kind of future we want, and even if we are not running after time outside, it’s a good thing to take time to think about our life.

Tips to make it easier :

Spend some time alone during the day and do an activity only for you. It’s important to also keep focus on you and not only on your family, your children or your wife/husband !