Should you ever delay tendering?



The longer you procrastinate the better you get at tidying your workspace, researching the latest ‘trends’ on Twitter or clearing your desktop. What won’t improve is your freight tending situation. 
But, you tell yourself, it’s not a good time to tender. The economic landscape doesn’t look great and it’s probably for the best if you wait awhile before getting started. Right? Wrong!
The economy has been yo-yoing for a while now, and who knows how or when situations like Brexit, IMO2020 and the latest tech disruption will pan out. 
The truth is that this uncertainty demands better planning from your end. The better you know your budget the better prepared you are to react to situations. The worst position you can be in is stuck without a plan. 
By going out to tender, you can take control beyond simply accepting the latest rates your favorite supplier has offered you and get a real understanding of the opportunities out there. You can even factor qualitative items in your decision.
But, that’s a pain, I hear you say. Well it doesn’t have to be.

TenderEasier to the rescue

With TenderEasy you don’t have to worry about comparing multiple spreadsheets, line by line and ending up lost and confused. With just a few clicks our solution let’s you check for outliers, run scenarios and even make adjustments. You can also easily give feedback to your service providers.
In fact, it’s so easy that you can go through several rounds and fine tune results from the previous round each time. On top of this the entire RFQ process, from data collection up to nomination, or even integration into your TMS is documented in TenderEasy, making it compliant with your internal policies. 
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