Spendrups and Bryggeritransport selects TenderEasy

"By using TenderEasy, we can effectively and sustainably evaluate various proposals from our selected suppliers, test different scenarios and select the right solution in our next transport setup from 2018 onwards." says Jens Boström, CEO of Bryggeritransport.

Spendrups and Bryggeritransport investigates what synergies may exist with suppliers' existing flows of transport to be as efficient and sustainable as possible. Another important part of the tender is to effectively coordinate direct deliveries, remote delivery and local distribution to reduce transhipments and mileage and thus reduce environmental impacts.

The tender started at the beginning of the year and now begins the RFP for the remaining suppliers. Suppliers have the first part of the tender proposed alternative approach to the current transport flows for providing a more efficient business. The volumes of the various transport flows vary throughout the year with several distinct seasonality and volume also varies over the week.

"Spendrups and Bryggeritransport are already recognised as being very progressive and efficient in their transport and the fact they choose TenderEasy to sharpen the competitiveness further is proof to us that we are right with our solutions. Working with customers who want to challenge the status quo is in line with TenderEasy's vision to constantly stay ahead. " says Fredrik Nergell, TenderEasy.

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