Kraft Heinz extends with TenderEasy

Interview with Monika Appel - Kraft Heinz’s Global Sea Freight Lead

It was an early January morning, and Monika seemed to had beaten the Monday blues. She felt fresh and energised, her voice sounded happy and full of power. Monday mornings are usually the busiest, especially if you add a few flights to go to business meetings. Already sitting by her gate at the airport, open laptop, answering emails and phone in hand, Monika had the sympathy of talking to us, going over the decision of extending with TenderEasy.

Monika, tell us about The Kraft Heinz Company and how you came across TenderEasy?

 ‘The Kraft Heinz Company had been using another solution for many, many years. One of our colleagues who knew TenderEasy’s solution, recommend us to look into it, as he thought it was what we needed. And that is how our first contact with TenderEasy and its solutions began’.

What have your experiences been so far using TenderEasy?

 ‘One word: amazing! TenderEasy’s solution is very easy to use. I was able to understand it and start working with it straight away. The entire implementation process and support given by the TenderEasy team was very helpful. All suggestions provided were useful. At Kraft Heinz, we experienced a great support from TenderEasy’s end, fantastic explanations, making the process of adapting to a new solution very easy for all the Kraft Heinz team’.

Before using TenderEasy, how did you make your freight tendering?

 ‘Before coming across TenderEasy and starting to use TenderEasy solutions, we used to use the solutions from another provider. As mentioned earlier. With that solution we could not work entirely within the solution, there was a lot of exporting to excel, making the process much more complicated and time-consuming’.

What are the main differences from previous tendering processes compared to TenderEasy?

‘At a personal level, I found the previous solution complicated. And I think that as a team (professional point of view) we can agree that it was definitely not as user-friendly as TenderEasy. To give an example we used to have a hard time evaluating what was the best scenario and this has not happened since we started using TenderEasy. Additionally, another key point is that the solution we used to use was more expensive compared to TenderEasy’.

What do you like most about TenderEasy?

 ‘That it is easy to use, but also the interaction within the TenderEasy team, always available and providing the best solutions and support whenever we have any queries’.

List your top three features/benefits from using TenderEasy.

·      The scenario evaluation
·      The interface of the solution
·      The easiness of using the solution

What were your expectations?

‘My expectations when I choose TenderEasy was to get a solution that reduced some workload and save me time especially the evaluation and analysis part; as well as save some costs to our company’.

Did the system meet your expectations?

‘It actually overachieved all my expectations. TenderEasy saved me an incredible amount of time. It was so great having a solution where I can run my evaluation process with some simple clicks that take max a few seconds. Additionally, having the possibility to export every report, every graph and the various overviews was a big advantage. The whole process of running the optimisation, downloading to Excel and sharing the results with the stakeholders took a couple of minutes only’.

How does the future look with TenderEasy?

‘We have recently entered into a multi-year agreement and we are in the process of the global roll out of the Spot Request tool’.

Would you recommend TenderEasy and its solutions to others?

 ‘Absolutely! And I have been doing it already :)’

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