Results from our June survey on the current status of the freight market



In May, we launched a survey to see how service providers were facing the market situation following the COVID-19 pandemic and how they projected the future outlook. With the positive evolution of the pandemic and the reopening of businesses and borders, we reached out again to the logistics service providers active on our platform, to see the impact on their services and future outlook.  

The data presented below corresponds to the answers gathered from over 290 respondents, 86% operating road transport, and 91% of them based in Europe.  

Carriers indicate that they still experienced a slowdown in transport demand if compared with the same month last year, but the trend is improving. The decrease in demand in June is -6,9% while in May it was -12,8%. Month to month progress is improving with 5,9%. This positive outlook is supported by the smaller percentage of carriers indicating more free capacity than usual for their trucks. These are positive indicators that the situation is slowly going back to normal. 

Respondents in May were slightly more positive than in June when asked about the increase in transport demand in the months to come. Despite this, 52% of carriers expect the demand to be higher than last year, and 31% expect it to remain similar. 

Overall a more positive outlook for the freight market based on the results. We will continue monitoring the current trends and evolution of the freight market to keep you up-to-date and help you with our solutions.