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2016 > 02

According to a recent study, the global 3PL market is likely to surpass $925 billion in the year 2020.This growth is being supported by advancements in big data technologies and the availability of industry-specific services.

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This week, we have been asked by a prospect, what is one of the main challenges we face day to day with our customers?

And the answer is data, data quality and data management.

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As business development director of TenderEasy, we have observed lately how companies have started to carefully look at their purchase to pay processes in order to reduce overall costs, free up needed cash, improve operational performance, and make improved financial decisions. When it comes to logistics due to the complexity of the sector, multiple departments and stakeholders involved this gets much harder. Now with TenderEasy 3.0, our users are able to manage the whole process from the purchase (via tendering or  an Ad Hoc request) to the payment, managing the booking, enabling a seamless P2P automation in coordination with your ERP or accounts payable system.   
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Many of our customers are now Tendering their freight needs for Q3 Q4 2016. And we are seeing a very interesting situation, where our shippers can now in a matter of weeks, renegotiate all their freight agreements and reduce their costs exponentially due to the agility of the system and the fuel cost reduction, both in ocean and road transport.

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