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Purchasing, procurement, tendering & sourcing

Four very relevant words for us working in the transport / logistics industry, with different meanings and purposes that happened to be misused on a daily basis. Do you know what purchasing, procurement, tendering and sourcing actually stand for? Below we aim to make it clearer:

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Ocean Tendering

We are experiencing big changes in the ocean tendering market. The contracts are getting shorter. Now it is more common to see a monthly or quarterly contract rather than the classical one-year rate agreement.

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When you buy freight, you buy a service. Always define the service you expect.
Include the must-have service characteristics in your RFQ, as separate parameters in your bid-sheets to allow for detailed analytics later and also to help LSP identify them easily.

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Here are some great tips so that you do not lose the good result of your RFQ process in the transition from awarding the business to finalising the commercial agreement.

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Will the industry do what is needed to return to a more sustainable situation governed by common business sense?
If we take the outside view on the container carrier industry and its players using the Z score index to assess financial risk, the picture is grim.

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Ocean tendering is not considered to be easy and fast, which is one of the reasons long-term agreements are preferred by shippers. When it comes to these agreements, typically they are based on the the current schedule and the service offer with little or no thought on future changes. This is unfortunate for  shippers who need reliability in their supply chain. As seen below, numerous changes in port-pairs, lead times and frequencies have been recorded during the last years.  

Blue bars - illustrate different services offered on one trade-lane from each carrier with X-axle scale and Y-lane is the names of each individual service offered to the market. White bars - are the times where no sailings were performed (either because service was discontinued or blank sailing).
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Ocean Freight

We live in a strategic thinking era; this means that we like planning ahead to secure a best execution of whatever we do. We were used to have stable ocean rates and we liked it. We would do long term contract RFQ’s with fixed rates. However now, when it comes to container freight we are facing a different reality. One does not know when is the right time to do long term, which is why it shouldn't be done.

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In the wake of Hanjin's unravelling the tables seem have suddenly turned in favor of the remaining Carriers, at least short-term.

Aside from the imminent head-ache to release containers currently blocked in the Hanjin pipe-line. Shippers will need to scramble to replace/ substitute that goods. Not only will it give rise to a peak in regular containers booking, but it will spill over into alternative modes like container rail (Asia-Europe) and for unlucky Shippers, to costly air shipments.

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Part 3 – Analysing and feedback

In this blog, we will go through RFQ bid collection, and how to get the right data from LSPs (Logistic Service Providers). We will also describe how to analyze bids and how you can improve the freight RFQ result by giving LSPs useful and relevant feedback so they can give their best bid where it matters the most for you.

In previous posts, we’ve discussed: 
Part 1 - Freight tender RFQ preparations
Part 2 - Setting up a freight tender RFQ
Before you can start making a high-quality analysis, you need to get the bids submitted by your bidders (the LSPs). Often you get the bid just before the deadline, perhaps the bid is incomplete. You might get the bids attached to an email, as Excel, PDF or word-files in each supplier own format and on their own terms. If you have already made a logistics tender RFQ ”manually”, you know what a nightmare it can be to make the bids comparable to each other. This is key to a successful freight tender RFQ, to be able to analyze and compare different scenarios.
A best practice we always recommend to our customers is to invite your LSPs to a supplier webinar. In this short webinar (web-meeting) you can introduce the LSPs to your company, the freight tender RFQ, and all your requirements. It is always well invested time, both for you and for the LSP to join a webinar like this. We like to say it will kick-start your freight tender RFQ, as LSPs are keen to join and listen to what you have to say, and an LSP you don’t know might see this as an opportunity to learn more about your company, who you are, what you think is important, so they can provide their best bid matching your requirements and expectations. The webinar is also a good time for LSPs to ask you questions, and it’s perfect also for you to answer and share the answer to all participants. It really helps to share information to all involved in the transport procurement RFQ up-front.
Bid validation
Using a freight e-sourcing platform like TenderEasy makes the work of collecting and validation the bids much easier. Already when the LSPs are invited to the freight tender RFQ they download the RFQ into an Excel-format. The bidding sheets are available in one Excel file, and the bidder can save the file on his/her computer and start quoting. When the quoting is done, the LSP upload their Excel bid into the e-sourcing platform and the Excel file is validated according to the validation rules set up by you. Once all errors are resolved by the LSP the bid is accepted by the e-sourcing platform. The bid validation is a crucial step in the freight tender RFQ process, to ensure you can use your time to compare bids and making analysis and scenarios.

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Part 2 - Setting up the RFQ

In this blog post, we will share some our best practice setting up a freight RFQ. In the previous post, we discussed the freight tender RFQ preparations and the basic building blocks.

Setting up the RFQ is the final step before publishing the RFQ to the LSPs (Logistic Service Providers).
Setting up the RFQ is the final step before publishing the RFQ to the LSPs (Logistic Service Providers).
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Part 1 - Freight tender RFQ Preparations

Are you about to plan a freight tender RFQ, or perhaps you have already started your work preparing for a freight tender, but soon realized it was way more complex and time consuming that you could imagine? Well, you're not alone feeling like this.

Working with large organizations and providing them our freight e-sourcing platform, we are transforming the way companies manage their freight tender RFP / RFQ's. We would like to share our experiences, so you can avoid some pitfalls and make the RFQ process easier.

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Lately because of globalization, there has been a surge of ad hoc logistics services required by enterprise shippers. In other words, an increasing number of companies require shipments to be procured on the spot.

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While evaluating business performance, business analysts, requirements management experts, and business leaders are all looking at the ROI.

When bringing in a freight sourcing tool, the focus on ROI stays in place.

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I am not writing about Trump and his manhood fight with Cruz, but about the race to operate ever-bigger container ships by carriers, that as published today by Financial Times, could be sailing towards the finishing flag as pursuing yet another big increase in size would not be cost-efficient.

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Many companies, especially those with manufacturing operations, have evolved direct materials sourcing from an administrative function to a strategic procurement process. Transportation has followed the same pattern, moving upstream from day-to-day freight transactions to an integral component of top-level corporate planning and procurement strategy.

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According to a recent study, the global 3PL market is likely to surpass $925 billion in the year 2020.This growth is being supported by advancements in big data technologies and the availability of industry-specific services.

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This week, we have been asked by a prospect, what is one of the main challenges we face day to day with our customers?

And the answer is data, data quality and data management.

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As business development director of TenderEasy, we have observed lately how companies have started to carefully look at their purchase to pay processes in order to reduce overall costs, free up needed cash, improve operational performance, and make improved financial decisions. When it comes to logistics due to the complexity of the sector, multiple departments and stakeholders involved this gets much harder. Now with TenderEasy 3.0, our users are able to manage the whole process from the purchase (via tendering or  an Ad Hoc request) to the payment, managing the booking, enabling a seamless P2P automation in coordination with your ERP or accounts payable system.   
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Many of our customers are now Tendering their freight needs for Q3 Q4 2016. And we are seeing a very interesting situation, where our shippers can now in a matter of weeks, renegotiate all their freight agreements and reduce their costs exponentially due to the agility of the system and the fuel cost reduction, both in ocean and road transport.

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TenderEasy continues to grow with a new partnership. This month we announced a new partnership with Wolters Kluwer Transport Services (WKTS) and TenderEasy freight tendering, logistics purchasing will now be available in the Transwide TMS suite.

The partnership with WKTS follows our strategic plan focus in logistics purchasing / freight tendering and continue to focus and build market leading solutions for this field. To offer wider solutions for customers we partner with other market leaders in their fields and regions, and build powerful solutions that add value for our customers.

To be able to do this, we keep developing the TenderEasy platform to make it open and connected withour partners solutions, customer systems and so that the information can be shared and reused within our customers business processes. 

Read the press release

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A powerful self-service freight procurement solution is launched by Transwide, part of Wolters Kluwer Transport Services, in association with TenderEasy.

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Are you TenderEasy's next Transport Sourcing Analyst/Consultant?

TenderEasy is looking for a results driven, self-motivated and resourceful individual to join our awesome team in Stockholm.

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During this webinar we will do an introduction to Spot Request, TenderEasy’s newest functionality.

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Scandinavia’s leading logistics and transport trade fair and conference begins tomorrow, and TenderEasy will be there!

Logistik and Transport is a 2-day event held from the 16th to the 17th November 2016 at the Svenska Massan - the Swedish Exhibition Congress Centre in Gothenburg, Sweden. This trade fair focuses on exhibiting the most innovative logistics and transport solutions, which is why TenderEasy could not miss the date.

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Welcome to a breakfast seminar October 26 in Stockholm, where Maria Weibull, Unit Manager Logistics, SSAB Special Steel, and Roger Lindgren, Transport Sourcing, SSAB, share their experience about the challenge and solution for SSAB when they coordinated transport tendering with the recently aquired Finnish company Ruukki...

Read more and register (In Swedish)

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Hamburg sept 13-14

We're attending the JOC Container Trade Europe Conference in Hamburg next week. The conference presents in-depth, authoritative analysis from leading industry experts in European container trade and logistics. We are there as panelist and to to network and meet with clients, and discuss opportunities with companies. Please reach out to Fredrik directly to book a meeting with us.

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TenderEasy is updated with new release this morning. Based on input from our user community we here list some of the improvements made in the platform.

For spot request module, this release includes updates such as:

  • Possiblility to limit number of bids each bidder can make in a spot request
  • Possibility to make multiple booking requests from within one spot request. 
  • Map showing origin and destination is displayed in emails.

For tendering users, you will find new formula and new added information available in analysis page.
The fnew FIND formulas added to the TenderEasy formula engine makes the optimisation of freight rate analysis even more powerful, as it will be easy to make additional rules and contraints to the analysis and scenarios.

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TenderEasy and Primelog have entered into a partnership in order to offer an integrated holistic transport management solution to the market. The partnership agreement allows both parties to re-sell their respective products globally.
Primelog TMS and TenderEasy provide customers with unique capabilities supporting the freight procure-to-pay process from sourcing to freight invoice audit and payment. 

Joint customer SSAB testifies to this as they already have experienced integrating the process with TenderEasy and Primelog. SSAB took a holistic approach and coordinated the freight tendering process with the acquired Finnish company Ruukki. The joint solution from TenderEasy and Primelog enables an extensive tendering process to be performed in a short amount of time and it also ensures that the desired effect, reduced freight costs, is sustained throughout the contract term.

TenderEasy delivers software for freight contract tendering and spot bidding. 

“Our partnership with Primelog allows us to offer customers a complete solution from procurement and spot-price requests to freight booking and cost control”, states Johan Vagerstam, CEO of TenderEasy.

For Primelog, the partnership provides yet another module for its broad TMS (Transport Management System) solution. 

“Through this partnership we can offer our customers a fully integrated and digitalized process that gives them a 360 degree aspect of control of their global freight spend”, summarizes Lena Ridström, CEO of Primelog.

For more information, please contact:

Johan Vagerstam
CEO TenderEasy
+46 (0) 733 56 17 11

Lena Ridström
CEO Primelog
+46 (0) 735 00 80 40

About TenderEasy 
TenderEasy is a provider of market leading technology for transport sourcing. Being recognized as the most easy-to-use solution in the market, we are now rapidly expanding both the platform and our team in order to meet with the future requirements from shippers around the world. Our vision is to help our customers manage and take advantage of the opportunities made possible by digital transformation of logistics, and to make one of the world largest industries more efficient and environmental sustainable.
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About Primelog
Primelog help customers with global supply chains increase performance through better control, lower cost and higher service levels, and is a leading SaaS (Software as a Service) provider in Northern Europe. Our competence in logistics together with our software Primelog TMS is what attracts our global clients, the largest and most prominent companies in their respective industry. Primelog is active through own offices and partner networks in Europe and North America.
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About SSAB
SSAB is a highly specialized, global steel company. The company is a leading producer on the global market for Advanced High Strength Steels (AHSS) and Quenched & Tempered Steels (Q&T), strip, plate and tubular products, as well as construction solutions. SSAB’s production plants in Sweden, Finland and the US have an annual steel production capacity of 8.8 million tonnes. 
More information, please visit

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