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We are proud to release the new ‘supplier feedback’ functionality in TenderEasy. When your tender bidding round has ended you can give suppliers (bidders) specific and direct feedback per lane or tariff how well they are performing compared to those best-in-class. The feedback can be given in percent or by the supplier’s position in the actual bid. Feedback is given in text but also in colors.

Feedback can be given for cost as this is always interesting. But the nice thing is that you can also provide feedback for lead time, emissions (co2) and more.

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With clients and users over the globe we have felt the need to provide TenderEasy in local languages.
Since beginning of December this year we have added 7 new languages. TenderEasy is now available in English, Chinese, Russian, Finish, Swedish, German, French and Spanish.

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KGK saw an opportunity to streamline their logistics when hired Logent Consulting and TenderEasy as a platform to conduct a transport tendering event. The goal was to do a complete review of their carriers and freight contracts to achieve improved cost control.

TenderEasy delivered the platform for the transport tendering and was involved in analyzing the bids. Logent Consulting was responsible for the project and made the tactical set-up. By doing the tender in TenderEasy, it was easy to collect bids and compare bids from various carriers.

“The results exceeded our expectations,” says Magnus Almgren, Logistics Manager at KGK. “With TenderEasy we got a powerful tool that could calculate the outcome of the bids, and with Logent we got a tactical sounding board who helped us with business decisions along the way. I think it has worked very well. “Concludes Almgren.

For more information, read the news on myNewsDesk (in Swedish)

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The analysis and scenario module have been updated to give better support when analyzing bids in a tender. We are happy with the result and that the system can now give greater flexibility and results are displayed in an easy way, with combination of result table and graphs. Easy to use and intuitive user interface is important to us. Again, we must say thanks for positive feedback and great ideas from our users.

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Based on our user surveys during last summer/autumn we planned what improvements should be added to the system. We decided to put usability in focus, and most of these improvements are made for suppliers. And we have had spontaneous positive feedback from suppliers already after a couple of weeks.

Tender mangers also got some improvements. For example the supplier tracking functionality makes it easy to se what suppliers are working on their bid even before they submit their bid. Then it’s easy to send direct feedback and reminders to suppliers. These are improvements that we know will make the tendering work even easier for tender managers.

Thanks you all for the feedback!

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