How to make an ocean freight RFQ?

Ocean tendering is volatile, and the current trend is to go tender shorter term contracts. With contract lengths of 3-4 months, you need an easy-to use and powerful freight tendering solution that brings order to the tendering process. 

Ocean tendering often includes port to port cost as well as several other cost components for terminal handling, haulage, bunker (BAF), Currency (CAF), document handling etc. - all in different currencies. TenderEasy gives you all the capabilities you need to manage your ocean freight tender in a simple and efficient manner. 

Our industry experts are ready to share best practices during your RFQ project to ensure that you get the most out of using our solution.

Discover how we helped Puma take their ocean freight procurement to the next level in our video case study.

TenderEasy comes with lots of best-practice solutions including:

  • Really easy to use
  • Use standard rate cards, or build your own
  • Market intelligence can be connected 
  • Target rates
  • Multi-round bidding
  • Multi-currency support
  • Standardised reports


It also integrates with Xeneta – the world’s largest real-time database for ocean freight rates.

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