Still using Excel for your freight procurement?

There's a better way

TenderEasy was created by freight experts who were tired of trawling through spreadsheets. They created the most user-friendly solution on the market and it's now used by some of the globe’s leading companies, including adidas,Puma and Atlas Copco.

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Why using Excel to run your Freight Procurement is a bad idea


It's always a surprise to see organisations relying on Excel templates to manage their freight RFQs.

Manually entering data is time consuming and inefficient. Excel isn't designed to be a database: large datasets from multiple formats and sources just don't play nice with Microsoft's application. And it's not the easiest tool to get to grips with.

Sure, you might know some veterans who live and breathe for their Excel tendering templates, but I'm sure you also know people who switch off as soon as they see one. And while spreadsheets were seen as very user-friendly back in the day (and for some tasks they still are), the new workforce 'doesn't see them that way. For people who've grown up with user-centred designs (think of apps like Uber, Airbnb, Google…), using Excel for freight procurement is a real drag.

An alternative to Excel tenders


At TenderEasy we're not new to trying to wean people off Excel. In fact, TenderEasy was created by freight experts who were sick and tired of trawling through spreadsheets. They realized there was a better way and brought it to market. It 'didn't take too long for some of the biggest businesses on the globe to catch-up and start using our solution.

When you use TenderEasy, you get a solution designed to make freight tendering easy, not a program built to carry out calculations. You also get support from our in-house team when you need advise from a transport procurement professional. They will guide you through the process of setting up tenders and advise on best-practice throughout. We host user forums, webinars and more to make sure we engage with our users and continue taking the product in the right direction.

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Don’t take our word for it – what our customers say


Some organizations still use Excel for freight tendering still today. We know just how frustrating that can be, but sometimes you just 'can't see the wood for the trees. You're so bogged down in spreadsheets and templates for freight tendering that you just knuckle down and push through.

A lot of our customers used to be like that. Their logistics department ran on Excel, and that was how it had always been. But here are some post-TenderEasy quotes:

Pernod Ricard

"We felt our way of working wasn’t very modern […] The biggest challenge was washing the data. However structured you try to be, someone will always submit incorrect data. Double and triple checking would take forever, just for us to realize 2-3 days later that something was still wrong and we needed to start over.”

Nordic Paper

“When you have customers in more than 80 countries carrying out an RFQ in Excel is a challenge! TenderEasy provided the technology and expertise to take us to the next level.”


Having an e-sourcing tool of this kind became a hygiene factor for us at Nobia. I can truly recommend TenderEasy and I do not ever want to return to Excel days

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