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Managing a successful freight RFQ

Are you about to plan a freight tender Request for Quotation (RFQ)?

Perhaps you've already started your work preparing for a freight tender, but soon realised the freight management process is way more complex and time-consuming than you imagined. No worries, we’ve compiled a complete guide for managing a successful freight tender RFQ!

We will guide you through the full freight tender RFQ process, also called freight procurement or transportation RFQ process.


What you'll get:

  • A complete guide for managing a successful freight RFQ
  • Chapters from preparations to implementation
  • Useful checklists
  • Practical tips
  • Best practices based on our vast experience

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Working with large organizations and providing them with our freight e-sourcing platform, we are transforming the way companies manage their freight tender RFQ’s. We would like to share our experiences, so you can avoid some pitfalls, make the RFQ process easier and have more effective freight management.

In this complete guide, we will
discuss the whole RFQ process:

  • Preparations
  • The RFQ setup
  • Bid collection and analysis
  • Awarding and implementation 

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