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Time consuming processes, lack of control and large insecurities. A freight tendering process at French distiller Pernod Ricard looked all too typical. No matter how much they tried to quality assure their processes and excel sheets, errors and imperfections, self-inflicted or external, always seemed to find their way into the tender, costing time as well as money. We felt that our way of working wasn’t 2017”, as Petra Åkerblom, Manager Logistics Procurement, describes it. That was why they decided to do something about it and go digital with TenderEasy.


”We felt our way of working wasn’t very modern”


The complex and massive data in freight procurement

Pernod Ricard has been a customer of TenderEasy’s since 2016 and just extended the partnership for several more years. Before that, all transport tendering was performed with no system to assist in data gathering, analysis and evaluation apart from the usual suspects – mainly Excel – a method that came with some obstacles.


The biggest challenge was washing the data. However structured you try to be, someone will always be able to ”crack the code” and submit wrongful data. Double and triple checking would take forever, just for us to realize 2-3 days later that something was still wrong and we needed to start over.


With TenderEasy, the responsibility of quality assuring submissions is placed on the suppliers themselves, ensuring that all submitted bids are aligned and comparable. Another timesaving feature that TenderEasy offers is the ability to perform analyses at the click of a button, for a multitude of different scenarios. This enabled Pernod Ricard to provide suppliers with feedback within three days of closing the bid round instead of several weeks later, like before.


”We finished our freight tendering process three weeks earlier than usual, and we even performed three rounds instead of the two we usually have time for!”



Taking the step, introducing a new solution – implementation process

Many organisations fear change, in fact, the transport procurement department is recognised to be insufficiently innovation friendly.
At TenderEasy, we have designed a superb implementation process built on our long experience in freight procurement, adapting to our customer’s needs and providing precise support where needed. We take very seriously the ‘reinvent yourself or die’, which is why we always keep our solutions updated and fresh.


When asked to describe the biggest differences in using TenderEasy compared to their prior way of working, Petra points to three key points.

  • Control – It’s easy keeping track of what happens, who have replied/submitted, if the data is correct etc.
  • Analysis – Being able to give feedback to suppliers as well as internally, keeping management up to date on the progress.
  • Overall impression – The entire process is much more professional on every level.

And suppliers seem to agree.


-    I’ve only received good reviews! Suppliers appreciate that they can get feedback quickly. This gives them ample time and possibility to prepare for live negotiations, enabling the quality of the discussions to be raised significantly. I know this was very much appreciated. And in TenderEasy support we have direct access to a fantastic competence about the mechanics of freight and what works in the market.


All in all, using TenderEasy, Pernod Ricard managed to optimise the freight spend better than before. That means that the investment in the TenderEasy software has already been paid off several times over. So Petra, all things considered, would you recommend TenderEasy to your peers if asked?

-    I think that’s obvious, [laugh]. I would absolutely recommend TenderEasy, you’ve made my life a lot easier and my management a lot happier!


Thank you for the kind words, Petra, we look forward to working with Pernod Ricard for a long time to come!

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