O-I works with TenderEasy to improve sourcing quality

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"The tool is intuitive and easy-to-use, and thanks to the support from the TenderEasy team, we were able to launch our first tender very quickly!”

”The first tender we run with Tendereasy was focused on France, related to the domestic market. The success was clear. We saw potential savings, and a strong commitment from the new carriers found via TenderEasy. A couple of months after the end of the tender process, we started to materialize our savings.”

Giovanni Bosco,

European Sourcing Manager for Logistics and Packaging 


O-I Glass is one of the world-leading manufacturers of glass bottles, present in 20  countries across the globe. In Europe alone, O-I Glass has 34 factories located in several countries, including France, Spain, Italy, Germany, UK, and Estonia.

O-I Glass implemented TenderEasy in 2019 to support the management of their freight procurement at their European locations by ensuring enough quality carriers for their growing shipments' volumes.   

Carrier pool quality improvement

The European branch of O-I Glass faced challenges finding enough carries matching the requirements for their shipments. Occasionally, O-I received as well cancellations or unexpected lack of capacity after the allocation of loads was completed, which negatively impacted their delivery times and freight costs. 

O-I Glass looked to TenderEasy to improve the quality of its sourcing process by securing qualified and committed carriers. As a first step in the collaboration, TenderEasy was implemented in their locations in France before rolling it out in some other European sites.  


Tangible impact:

After experiencing TenderEasy and completing the first tendering process, O-I Glass reported positive results, including:

  • Increased efficiency in the tendering process
  • Higher positive response rate towards O-I RFQs via TenderEasy
  • Freight costs reduction by a significant %


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