From happily working with Excel, a neat and efficient tool for freight procurement, to admitting that it was dated and that it was time to try innovative alternatives that exist.

Nobia was still using Excel even if it was a time consuming and a very unclean and unclear technique compared to some alternatives that one can now find in the market. They knew they needed a better way of working with freight procurement, and so Nobia found TenderEasy.

The solution was used to take control of the freight tendering process and get full control of the invoicing process

Having an eSourcing tool of this kind became a hygiene factor for us at Nobia. I can truly recommend TenderEasy and I do not ever want to return to Excel days."

Bartosz Borczynski
Head of Transport, Nobia

Set up a tender and repeat

It only took a couple of days to implement a personalised TenderEasy’s cloud based platform and straight away it was up and running and Nobia was able to empower their freight sourcing. After experiencing the tool and all its benefits, Nobia stands out the feature of being able to set up a tender and repeat the process in the same way. Nowadays they qualify this as crucial for their operations.

Motivating the team

Nobia claims that TenderEasy is not only an easy and sustainable way of working, they have also experienced that the tool has motivated the logistics team to follow certain procedures and has encouraged them to keep up quality work.

“We use TenderEasy’s eSourcing tool as it makes our life much easier and it allow us to increase the tempo of our purchasing activities enormously.” – Bartosz Borczynski
Head of Transport

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