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Since 2016, The Kraft Heinz Company (NL) is managing all their ocean freight on TenderEasy. Before, Kraft Heinz had tried to tackle the existent complexities in freight procurement with several other solutions.


The complex and massive data in freight procurement

It is a reality; until now freight management was synonymous to complexity. But this industry has evolved, and now we are at the point where the tools to perform the best practice in freight procurement exist and have proven to work.

The Kraft Heinz Company had been working with different solutions from different providers. These did not provide the best practice for them, like for example not being able to work entirely within the solution, having to export to Excel at all times. This made the freight tendering process complicated and much more time-consuming. If one finds him/herself doing that at all times, should be aware that easier alternatives exist. The key is to do research and find out what is available in the market, what will suit best your organisation.

The Kraft Heinz Company had been using another solution’ explains Monika Appel, Global Sea Freight Lead at The Kraft Heinz Company, ‘then, one of our colleagues recommended us to look into TenderEasy, as he thought that it was exactly what we needed.

Monika Appel,
Global Sea Freight Lead

Research is key

When doing research and trying to find the way of making freight management easier, one should not be happy with a solution that makes ones’ workload slightly simpler. Innovation and tools to make your work way easier exist! From the Kraft Heinz’s end, a new team member was the catalyst to investigate TenderEasy more closely. Additionally, adding or changing solution does not mean that your organisation must spend more money, nor invest time and resources to onboard the ‘new’. With the correct solution, you will be able to save both time and money already from the first tender project. So happened to The Kraft Heinz Company.


“My team’s experiences from using TenderEasy’s solutions have been amazing! We were able to understand it and start working with it straight away.” 

Taking the step, introducing a new solution – implementation process

Many organisations fear change, in fact, the transport procurement department is recognised to be insufficiently innovation friendly.
At TenderEasy, we have designed a superb implementation process built on our long experience in freight procurement, adapting to our customer’s needs and providing precise support where needed. We take very seriously the ‘reinvent yourself or die’, which is why we always keep our solutions updated and fresh.


TenderEasy expectations

The Kraft Heinz had clear aims and outspoken expectations, they wanted a solution that would reduce their workload and save them time, especially the evaluation and analysis part of a freight tendering.

‘And TenderEasy actually overachieved all my expectations’, explains Ms Appel, ‘It was so great having a solution where I can run my evaluation process with some simple clicks that take max a few seconds. Additionally, having the possibility to export every report, every graph and the various overviews was a big advantage’.


Top features

TenderEasy has a lot to offer, many features to deliver an outstanding capability to optimise your work. For The Kraft Heinz Company, we can stand out the flexible scenario evaluation engine, the user interfaces of the solution and the intuitive easiness of using the solution. These have been features that evolved the Kraft Heinz’s procurement team.


Kraft Heinz and TenderEasy in the future

We look forward to working together in the future. The relationship started with a trial of our tendering solution which has now expanded to a multi-year agreement. We are now in the process of the global roll out of the TenderEasy Spot Request tool to take a control and gain visibility over all the ocean spend.


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