Kraft Heinz relies on TenderEasy to manage its ocean freight procurement

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Our experience using TenderEasy has been amazing! We were able to understand it and start working with it straight away.”

“TenderEasy actually overachieved all my expectations, it is so great having a solution where I can run my evaluation process with a few simple clicks, in a few seconds.”

Global Sea Freight Lead


For the past 150 years, Kraft Heinz has produced some of the world's best known products. The company is one of the largest global food and beverage companies, with 2018 net sales of approximately $26 billion. Their portfolio is made up of a diverse mix of iconic and emerging brands.

TenderEasy and Kraft Heinz (NL) have been working together since 2016 and TenderEasy’s freight procurement solution is used to manage the entirety of its ocean freight procurement. Prior to this partnership, Kraft Heinz had tried a number of other solutions, which did not produce the required results.

A smooth implementation

Once Kraft Heinz decided to run a trail with TenderEasy the implementation process was quick and easy. The implementation is designed around TenderEasy’s extensive experience in freight procurement and adapted to each customer’s needs. TenderEasy provided support as a and when it was needed to ensure a painless transition.

The tool itself was immediately well received by the team. Its user-friendly interface and comprehensive feature list made it a popular choice. In their words: “My team’s experiences from using TenderEasy’s solutions have been amazing! We were able to understand it and start working with it straight away.”

Clear goals and expectations

Kraft Heinz had clear aims and expectations: they needed a solution that would reduce their workload and save them time, especially in terms of the evaluation and analysis part of freight tendering.

TenderEasy’s features enabled the team to deliver the above, whilst constantly optimizing their freight procurement process. The flexible scenario evaluation engine, was particularly well received as it enabled Kraft Heinz to quickly test each hypothesis and be confidant with regards to their chosen carriers. They also singled out the reporting and analysis functionality: “Having the possibility to export every report, every graph and the various overviews was a big advantage”.

Kraft Heinz and TenderEasy in the future

The relationship started with a simple trial of TenderEasy’s freight procurement solution, but quickly expanded to a multi-year agreement. The solution’s Spot Request tool was subsequently rolled out across the entirety of Kraft Heinz’s global ocean spend.

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