When is the right time for an RFQ with long term, fixed rates?



Ocean Freight

We live in a strategic thinking era; this means that we like planning ahead to secure a best execution of whatever we do. We were used to have stable ocean rates and we liked it. We would do long term contract RFQ’s with fixed rates. However now, when it comes to container freight we are facing a different reality. One does not know when is the right time to do long term, which is why it shouldn't be done.

As seen above if you continue doing the long term contract RFQ you will most probably overpay and if you contract at too low rates, you will be struggling permanently to secure equipment and space for your goods. The reason why this is still the most common approach, is due to the time constraining running RFQ’s. But, what we are not realising is the existence of innovative tools in order to accelerate the RFQ process and make freight tendering easy.
It is a reality that long term contracting will mean several changes in the service you originally arranged.
So why not stop being such planners and start making use of the advances based on best practice at a best rate when it comes to ocean freight?