Webinars and the importance of early supplier engagement



As a tender expert, you are well aware: Providing clear instructions and FAQ-Documents to the bidders on how and what to fill out in the RFQ is essential for a smooth and successful tendering process. 
However, it’s not uncommon that those instructions are not read in detail or kept aside to the last minute, causing a lot of stress for all parties involved.
Therefore, when it comes to running tenders in TenderEasy, as part of our best practice experience, we recommend hosting a webinar with the invited suppliers when publishing the tender. Webinars are not only an opportunity in which we can explain the technical aspects of the bid, such as how to import the bid sheet, but also an opportunity for you as a buyer to add your commercial comments and point out for example specifics of the service requirements or clarify which activities the cost components should cover. 
This chance to “sell” your tender to the potential bidders should not be underestimated as a way of creating interest and understanding for your tender right from the start. 
Also, the suppliers have the chance to raise questions completely anonymous. 
So overall, a webinar eliminates a lot of questions before they occur. The recording of the session can be shared afterwards, giving also suppliers who were not able to attend the chance to view it, or simply be used as a visual step by step guide on how to work in the system. 
Based on our experience, a webinar is very efficient at drawing the supplier’s focus, especially as compared to only adding a manual.
By investing a bit of time into the webinar, you save a lot of time and frustration during the entire tender process, for yourself as well as for the suppliers.
Overall, it also helps you to strengthen your relationship with your suppliers, as you show them that you are serious about helping them provide a competitive offer.
Does a webinar now sound like a good plan? Give your CSM at TenderEasy a call!