Vendela, 16 yrs, 1 week into digital freight procurement



It’s not as bad as when I first started. Previous to this job, I had zero knowledge about transport. Anything tendering related was alien to me. I didn’t even know what the word meant for goodness sake. So, getting myself a job at a company who focused on just that may have been a dive into a fish tank full of  sharks. Was it my smartest decision? Definitely not, but I’ll keep you updated on how I’m surviving. 

As of now, I’m hanging in there. Everything is confusing and complicated, except for the actual tool itself which is surprisingly intuitive . I have yet a lot to learn obviously, but what I have learned so far has been surprisingly fascinating. I didn’t think working with tendering would be any fun at all, but I’m starting to be proven wrong. What I’ve gotten to do so far is mostly just side projects to get familiar with the system so I don’t mess anything up when it comes to the actual thing. A very wise decision on their part because I sure did manage to mess up quite early on. Planning a road transport across the Atlantic ocean is completely normal and functional… right? … I know it’s not. It wasn’t intentional, okay?

Apart from that, however, I’d like to think I’m doing fairly well. My designated tasks so far include creating new scenarios, setting up spot requests and tenders, but I doubt that’s all I’m going to be doing here. As mentioned previously, I am still quite lost but I am learning and I will continue learning until I actually become useful. Have faith in me.