Tips to secure your freight RFQ result



Here are some great tips so that you do not lose the good result of your RFQ process in the transition from awarding the business to finalising the commercial agreement.


1.     You should always have your own commercial platform as basis. 

Your platform needs to cover the commercial and legal points that are relevant to you and on which the RFQ was concluded.

2.     Do not allow suppliers to use their own commercial platform as basis for adjustments.

Since you should have your own platform, this should be used at all times. By default, if a supplier uses their own platform, these are skewed in favor of the supplier and will take a lot of time and effort to balance.

3.     Focus on the industry’s standards.

The CMR-rules, Hague-Visby etc.; standard terms agreed by the industry. These terms provide the basic rules of engagements between parties involved in the transportation process. Stick to these!

4.     Never allow changes once things have been awarded.

If you negotiate a price table, rate card, tariff… etc. and award it, stick to it! By changing, you expose yourself to risk and this can only create misalignment when you follow up on your freight spend.

5.     All negotiated service elements should be migrated to the commercial agreement.

After all you buy a service. The service you contract is reflected in the commercial agreement. This makes it easier to track in case the KPI's are not met.