The increasing demands on high quality parcel deliveries –case study



Few transports are as demanding in terms of service requirements as end customer parcel deliveries. The progress of e-commerce is constantly putting pressure on the delivery systems to perform to a near 100% satisfaction rate. And as supply chains are continuously improved, lead times are cut shorter and choices in delivery method are expanding.
All of this is to be expected, but this last request we got was something else. A little while ago, we received the email below, just look at the demands this guy had:
Dear TenderEasy,
I write to you as I have started to reach the limits of my capabilities and would like some help to insure that this years’ end-of-year deliveries will meet the standards my clients are used to. And honestly, I’ve been doing this for longer than you can imagine and I’m starting to get a little old and tired, although my ambition and spirit is still there!
I’m in the toy manufacturing and delivery business. Of course, as such, my business sees a huge spike in demand around this time of year. In fact, due to the nature of my business, I must handle all of my deliveries within a single day. In total, we’re talking about roughly 550 000 000 overnight parcel deliveries to addresses scattered all over the world.
With an average parcel size of 500*300*200mm, that’s roughly equivalent to
25 000 000 SEU:s (Sleigh Equivalent Units), of which everything is to be delivered from my northern production unit.
As if this isn’t challenging enough, everything must be delivered to door (or to chimney). My recipients are highly demanding and are known to get very cranky if something is not right with the delivery. So in order to avoid mistakes, I’ve employed a vast network of Delivery-At-Door volunteers - a DAD-network, if you will.
My business is very dear to me! I’ve even gone as far as to personally visit each and every one of my recipients throughout the year, in order to make sure that they really get the products they deserve. (Of course, I cannot actually let my customers know that I keep track of them, as that would violate a whole host of privacy laws).
Do you think you can help me out?
Yours truly, S. Claus.
After that, he refused to give us any more information on his business or even who he was! Although, judging by his name, Claus, and his demands on precision and accuracy, I’m assuming he is German…
In any case, I think it serves as a good indicator of where the e-commerce parcel delivery market might be heading if it continues its’ current trend.
How would you help solve the problems of Mr. Claus?