The importance of ensuring post-tender compliance



In our last blog, we looked into how TenderEasy supports you in case of updates required after the tender.

However, there are more things to consider after finishing your freight tender. Chief of which is how to make sure that the results of your freight tender are being put to use throughout the entire organization.

Far too often, rates are tendered and negotiated, only for the people making the freight bookings to keep giving their old and familiar carriers and forwarders a call whenever something needs to be moved. This is especially common in de-centralized organizations, where freight bookings are made by a wide range of people in differens positions and departments. And if you haven’t done the job of presenting the new rates and conditions in a clear and simple way, who can blame them?

Therefore, make sure that you set aside time and effort to clearly state the results to all stakeholders, including freight bookers, budgeting departments, etc. This is important not only for the internal stakeholders, but it also ensures that any volume commitments made in negotiations are actually lived up to.

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