TenderEasy's coming across the pond!



Let me come clean. We weren't Born in the USA. We’ve never stayed at Hotel California or taken the Midnight train to Georgia.

But… after gaining a bigger and bigger share of the European market, it’s time to go from California Dreamin’ to Doin’ – and for TenderEasy to Go West.

Admittedly, we have already made a soft start in the US, with a few customers acting as pioneers on the Big Market. And, not to brag, we've already been named a Top 50 Provider by Spend Matters. But with a little help from our friends at the Alpega Group, it’s time for us to make a bigger mark in the land of opportunity.

Sales, support and pigskin 

The first step was to kick-start the heart of our US operations – namely the Alpega resources who will be selling and supporting TenderEasy in the US. We recently had a week-long kick-off session in Minneapolis, Minnesota – one of the main TenderEasy bases in the US, alongside Pittsburgh and Boston. 

During the week, we focused on how we can help customers in the US transform their RFP processes from a necessary evil to a simple and effective means of turning their freights into a competitive advantage. But in order to really understand the US market and culture from our Scandinavian viewpoint, field trips were arranged to the most typical of US cultural events, including an American football game (a Vikings game, quite fittingly), complete with tailgating and a BBQ session. 

Ready for lift-off!

Having covered the business-side as well as the cultural-side of the American experience, we are now ready to tackle the American market head-on. Already at this point, signs are pointing to a bright future for TenderEasy on the other side of the pond, with several interested parties looking into using our solution for future RFP needs.

So, no matter where you are, if you're interested in alleviating the pains of running a freight RFP the old way, feel free to contact us and we'll make sure to get you one step closer to the future of freight procurement!