TenderEasy employees working from home



In the light of COVID-19, effective immediately we implement a temporary work from home policy for our employees at all our locations for the coming weeks.   
As an international software company we are well prepared to run our business remotely without business interruption, across many locations and time zones. 
We do this to protect our employees and customers by limiting the physical interactions to a minimum.
In addition, we have suspended all business-related travels and encourage all our employees to take precaution in their personal journeys. We continue to support all our customers via the digital tools we normally use, such as web meetings and video conferencing. 
Our main priority is to ensure the safety of our employees and to do our part to limit the impact of the virus.
By this we can continue providing you with the tools and the service level that you have come to expect from TenderEasy. 
Stay safe,

Johan Vagerstam
CEO TenderEasy