Results from our May survey on the impact of COVID-19 in freight tendering



The COVID-19 pandemic has strongly impacted our economies and industries. And this is no different for the transport and logistics sector, which is facing one of its most challenging periods ever. 

Based on the result from our freight market survey conducted in May, we can see how the logistics service providers face the current market situation, and how they project the future outlook. 

The data presented below corresponds to the responses gathered from over 200 TenderEasy’s users, 86% of them focusing on road as their main transport mode and primarily based in Europe. 

The main takeaway from the survey indicates there has been a slowdown in demand for transport services by -12,8% compared to May 2019, which has, for over 50% of them resulted in more free capacity than normal.

However, on the bright side, transport service providers are positive about the near future, with 64% indicating an optimistic outlook for the near future.

We will continue monitoring the current trends and evolution of the freight market to keep you up-to-date and help you with our solutions.