One year at TenderEasy – A recap from Joyce



One year ago (14 months to be precise), I started as Customer Success Manager at the Alpega Group working for TenderEasy. And I can confirm that time flies, when you are having fun!
Since starting, I have supported customers on multiple tenders, traveled around in Europe and Asia to train new and existing customers on the TenderEasy platform. I’ve found it very rewarding, especially when it comes to teaching best practice for setting up a tender and, of course, ,making sure it delivers the most value.
I had 10 years’ experience working in tendering prior to starting at TenderEasy and was always supplier-side, so you can imagine I had my own opinions about the process. Working with clients and colleagues here has really helped give me a rounded view of the process and understand about the different factors at play for each tender. I’m delighted to be able to share this knowledge with our customers.
Speaking of my colleagues, I work in a great company! The Customer Success Team is really tight knit and supportive and this extends to the rest of the business. We all support each other and really push each other to go the extra mile and make sure we deliver to the best of our abilities. 
And even though we’re spread out across the globe, as Annukka explained, remote working doesn’t don’t hold us back, in fact we’re extra careful to make sure we keep everyone in the loop and keep communicating!
All in all, it’s been a great year and I’m looking forward to kicking off another in 2020.
If any of that sounds interesting and you’d like to hear more about working for TenderEasy, check out our vacancies!