Notes from TenderEasy’s latest User Forum



At TenderEasy, we try our best to make sure that our customers stay happy long after they first sign up. In addition to continuous support and training, this includes making sure that everybody gets to share knowledge and best practice within the TenderEasy user community. 

One of the key elements of this is the bi-annual user forum, where we invite our customers to get together for a day to learn how they can get the most out of their freight tenders. This includes tips about TenderEasy usage, as well as general information and knowledge sharing about strategic or external factors that might influence upcoming tender events. 

Last time the event was in Brussels and you can read Joyce Willemsen’s wrap-up of that event here. This time, on October 24, we went back to our hometown of Stockholm, where customers, new and old, gathered in the outskirts of the Södermalm part of city. 

There were a number of subjects on the agenda, both TenderEasy specific and general transport procurement related, including:  

  • IMO 2020 (Ocean) & INCOTERMS 2020 – An update and best practice for shippers looking to manage its impact
  • How we manage transport spot bidding, presentation by Roger Lindgren, Logistics Manager SSAB Europe.
  • TenderEasy’s Report Card – Results of our user surveys
  • TenderEasy’s Pro Tips – Our in-house expert shares best-practice
  • TenderEasy roadmap


A jam packed event

As it turns out, we could have used about half a day more, as it was apparent from the get-go that there was a lot to talk about and the engagement was really high. Knowledge and ideas were shared freely, and all participants were happy to engage in open discussions on how to get the most out of every freight tender – inside and outside of TenderEasy. 

A big thank you to Roger Lindgren from SSAB who talked through their use of the  Spot Request functionality. Roger pulled together a great presentation that highlighted and sparked discussions about the benefits of using a tool such as Spot Request, as well as how it could be improved to accommodate even more needs and ideas. Seeing the benefits of Spot Request visualized and quantified was a nice eye opener, not just for the users in the room, but also for us TenderEasy employees as well! 


Making TenderEasier

After lunch, there was a focus on ideas for how to improve TenderEasy in the future. First by going through and discussing the input we received in our latest user survey, and secondly by sharing a number of tips and tricks on how to use the tool to its fullest potential. In the end both sides walked away with some nice insights into how to improve processes and workflow. 

Finally, we looked at the road map for future development of the platform. Which was of course developed with plenty of ideas and input from the participants around the table. 

All in all, it was a successful event that combined high- and low level tool discussion with general procurement discussions and, of course, a perfect opportunity to meet and hang-out with other freight procurement professionals in an informal environment. 

If you’re interested in attending next time, please contact us on and we’ll provide you with more details.