Logistics Purchase to Pay (P2P) automation: the next big thing?



As business development director of TenderEasy, we have observed lately how companies have started to carefully look at their purchase to pay processes in order to reduce overall costs, free up needed cash, improve operational performance, and make improved financial decisions. When it comes to logistics due to the complexity of the sector, multiple departments and stakeholders involved this gets much harder. Now with TenderEasy 3.0, our users are able to manage the whole process from the purchase (via tendering or  an Ad Hoc request) to the payment, managing the booking, enabling a seamless P2P automation in coordination with your ERP or accounts payable system.   

Purchase-to-pay systems provide organizations with control and visibility over the entire lifecycle of a transaction (from the way a service is booked  to the way that the final invoice is processed) providing full insight into your operations, cashflow and financial commitments, freeing up time and resources for your company.

Today, globalization, free trade agreements, global market opportunities in emerging markets, and the need for visibility and analytics have driven TenderEasy into one of the innovators in connecting the parties to a global freight trade transaction. Our platform enables companies to run direct sourcing through our cloud-based platform connecting forwarders, carriers, large corporate buyers, optimising their relationship.

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