Introducing Joyce from the CSM team



Who is Joyce?

I am Joyce Willemsen, working as Customer Success Manager for TenderEasy for two years now. I am located in the Netherlands.

Why did you join TenderEasy?
That is actually a nice story. I met (my great TenderEasy colleagues) Fredrik and Jacob before, when we were all not yet working for TenderEasy. Years ago, when I was working for a transport company, I was invited to a tender done by a consultancy company, where Fredrik and Jacob worked at the time. 
That is how we got in contact, and Fredrik always told me that we will work together some day. And see where we are now: happily working together at TenderEasy!
I have always worked in the transportation industry, and also in transport tendering. I love working with people, so this job seemed to be a great job for me, and it turned out to be! 

What is your experience in the transportation/freight industry? 

I have worked for some well-known logistic companies in the Netherlands. I worked as a Tender Manager for around seven years in managing tenders, mainly in road freight. After that, I worked for two years in managing tenders in warehousing for another logistic service provider.
So as you can see I have some experience in procurement, the transport business, and I am well aware about the supplier side of the process.

What are your main skills?
My main skills as you can already read above, is especially Road freight, and Warehousing. I really like road freight, as there I love the possibilities, flexibility, and that never a day is the same in here.
I have worked with FTLs, but also with the more complex networks that can be created for groupage and LTL. There are so many possibilities here, it is endless!

And your hobbies?

My hobbies are joining bootcamp trainings, I like being outdoor, walking with the dog. I love spending time with my family, especially the young nieces and nephew, and having fun with friends! Like going on holidays to explore the nature by having nice walks with views, enjoying food. In these special times we are going to explore the Netherlands more, as there are so many places so close that are still to be seen!

When should you reach to Joyce?

Feel free to reach out to if you are interested in our freight tendering tool, happy to tell you all out it! If you would like to discuss your freight tender, and would like to hear some ideas from my side, happy to think along!

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Joyce Willemsen