Introducing Alain from the CSM team



Who is Alain?

My name is Alain-Fabrice Lavialle, I’m French and live in Tours, nearby all famous Loire’s castle. I joined Tendereasy a year and a half ago, after working in digital procurement solutions for five years. 

Why did you join TenderEasy?

I decided to join Tendereasy as it was a great opportunity to join a flexible and agile company providing an easy-use solution, adapted to need of transportation managers and buyers who want to focus on their main objectives : organize flows at the best quality, at the best cost.

What is Alain’s experience in the transportation and freight industry?

Before TenderEasy, I worked for seven years for a major European transport and logistics company, moving from trainee to agency manager. During that period, I met and worked with all kind of industries, from retail to chemicals, from parcels to full truck.

Willing to check if the grass was greener on the other side of the industry, I then became a buyer and transport manager in several companies, organizing internal and external flows for the retail, chemicals, furniture and building supply.

These experiences leveraged knowledge in operational management of flows and I gained a good comprehension of the relations between industries and service providers. As former buyer, I learned how to ask the right question, in the right way, at the right moment.

What are your main skills?

Specialized in road transportation and contract negotiation, I like to approach complex business as a project. Cutting them in several sub-project to be solved and making them easy to understand, analyzing them in detail, and finally providing a nice and elegant solution.

And your hobbies?

Our job is leading us to a lot of contacts, meetings, team work and travels. To balance this way of life, I like all activities that can be done without high-technology: tinkering, sailing, skiing and food are my favorites ones.

When should you our readers reach out to you?

Feel free to reach out if you need advice on road freight tendering. May you need hints on negotiations preparation from tender setup, raise your hand!


Alain Lavialle