Impressions from my first TenderEasy User Forum



A few weeks ago on 19 March, I took part in my first TenderEasy User Forum. It’s a bi-annual event designed for the company to meet some of our most active users and it’s also the first time it took place in Alpega’s headquarters in Brussels! These events typcially bring together a small group of TenderEasy users and some industry experts, to share insights in the market, but also the challenges facing them in their day to day working lives. 

The day kicked off with Fabrice Maquignon, CEO of Transwide and Teleroute (two of Alpega’s other companies), talking through the benefits of TenderEasy joining the group. In addition to an the end-to-end transport solution, he also touched on future projects such as the Alpega Hub (that’s the largest carrier pool in Europe – but more on that another time!).

Market trends and upcoming features

Following Fabrice’s introduction (and some breakfast!), we dived straight into market trends. Here I presented the impact of Germany’s road toll increase and talked through a number of different strategies for mitigating their impact. Fredrik Nergell then shared some insights around the upcoming IMO 2020 regulations and how they could affect carreirs and shippers in oceans across the globe. 

Next up, Ashton Goonting, Product Manager at Transwide, gave us a sneak peek at the Alpega Hub. There’s not too much we can share about this at the moment, but it looks like a really exciting and unique feature for Alpega customers. More information to come further down the line!

TenderEasy today and tomorrow

Our partners at Xeneta, the world's largest real-time database for ocean freight, took to the stage to provide a look into the ocean and air freight market. They also explained a bit more about how their solution integrates with ours and the mutual benefits they bring. As a relatively new (and extremely promising) partnership, this session was one of the most active and we’ll be touching on the topic again in an upcoming post. Keep your eyes peeled!

Last (but not least), our CEO Johan Vagerstam gave participants a look at our roadmap and upcoming features. This last bit also encouraged a wide ranging discussion about what our users want us to do with the platform. And for me that was really the key purpose of the event: hearing about your challenges and how we can help. As a Customer Success Manager my job is to understand your needs and help make you more successful (the clue’s in the name!), so this part was particularly interesting to me.

I’ll be back!

In short, the User Forum was everything I’d hoped. TenderEasy users from different industries, but facing similar challenges, gathered together to share their experiences and insights. Even though different sectors can seem totally unique, there was real common ground when talking about transport procurement, market trends and all in a comfortable and informal setting. There were also plenty of coffee breaks and networking opportunities! 

If you’re interested in attending next time, drop us a line on and we’ll share some more details.

Hope to see you soon!