How to make remote working work!



At TenderEasy we’re a pretty international bunch, not just in terms of nationalities, but also workspaces. While our HQ is firmly implanted in Stockholm, we have offices across much of the EU and now the USA. 

When I first joined TenderEasy, working in a remote team was one of the biggest changes for me after spending most of my working life in traditional offices. Did I feel lonely? Yes, I have to admit that at the very beginning, I missed the interaction that usually comes with being surrounded by your colleagues.

Luckily, this changed quickly. 

Communication and process

What really helped was that from day one on we were having frequent calls, to discuss work related topics or simply exchange ideas. Also, all of us met face to face soon after I had started, which definitely helped us get to know each other much better. 

In general, a key success factor when working remotely, is a proper onboarding including providing clear structures and processes. Information concerning the whole team should be available centrally and made available to all team members. Most important though is communication and not only in the business sense.

Colleagues need to update each other on ongoing or planned projects and connect on a personal level. Technology such as chat apps, online meetings and video calls, social sites and so on, also help to make you feel closer to your colleagues. 

Off- screen team building

But it is not only about online technology. For example, instead of writing e-mails to your co-worker, grab the phone! Or whenever there is the chance to meet face to face, or possibly even do a team activity, go for it! 

The same goes for working with customers. We provide a thorough onboarding process and guide you through the tendering process. You will have all the information you need in one spot and you and your team members will have clear visibility on the status of your tender project. 

Our remote working structure means we’re always conscious of keeping customers up to date with the latest relevant happenings and we’re never more than an email, call or meeting away!

Sound interesting? To find out more about joining TenderEasy check out our Careers page.