How do I succeed with automated invoice control?



We used to handle invoices manually and store them in a binder. As technology has evolved, we have involved excel sheets or scanned invoices, still handling them manually either wholly or partly. So why not reduce manual work to where it matters and start taking control of your invoices digitally?

But what is important here - the key to success – is how to make your invoices accurate and ready for the automatic invoice control? We have listed the fundamental points you should focus on:

  Contract well structured freight agreements

  The agreements should be in digital form from the start (you do not want to spend time verifying the prepared tariff sheets with the negotiated results)

  Make sure that the geocoding is linked to the transport data, ensuring to/from locations are recognised by the system

  Avoid agreeing to surcharges that are not quantifiable or logical. Basically, ensure you do not by accident agree to the general terms of each supplier. You should stick to your defined terms as you negotiated – we do not want any surprises!

Automated Invoice Control is being rational! If you connect systems you can focus the manual work where it matters, you will increase your degree of visualisation and control. And of course, you will pay what you contracted. No more, no less. Easy!