Good deeds in a time of need



As the COVID-19 is still spreading all around the world, today, we want to share with you some positive info to give you some fresh air and nice reading!

As the beloved children’s TV-host Mr. Rogers once said: When you see scary things in the news – if you want to be comforted – look for the helpers. 
These days, many people and companies want to help. And we’re happy to see that our customers are doing their part. 

We want to say THANK YOU to all our customers taking care of us, changing their productions to produce goods to support the people and medical sector. Here are a few examples. 
First Good Deed:
A leading Automotive producer decided to send production and logistics workers to another company in order to support in respirator’s production.
Second Good Deed: 
A leading beverages producer switched production to alcohol products to be used in hand sanitizer production.
Third Good Deed: 
A leading company in beauty products decided to produce masks and hand sanitizer with alcohol for medical staff.
Fourth Good Deed: 
A leading automotive company offered masks to the Government for public health care.

These good deeds make us happy and proud to be working with companies that realize that corporate social responsibility is not just a fancy buzzword, but something to be taken seriously. Especially in times like these, when every good deed can be potentially lifesaving. 

So again – a big thank you from all of us at TenderEasy!