Data, the key to unlock value.



This week, we have been asked by a prospect, what is one of the main challenges we face day to day with our customers?

And the answer is data, data quality and data management.

In a distributed and continuously evolving environment, powerful  transport procurement organizations need to have consistent and accurate access to data. 

Using a e-sourcing tool like TenderEasy gives us an end-to-end, integrated view from the past, present and future of your company´s freight procurement. Internal and external, structured and unstructured data all need to be integrated and analysed to perform a better procurement, administration and forecasting. 

From basic spend analysis to advanced carrier performance, capabilities or behaviour analysis, strategic freight procurement relies on having the right data at the right step of the process, Integrating TenderEasy with your existing Accounts payable, TA or TMS solution will make all this activities much easier to perform, making all this data available.

 Success relies on sharing that data within your organisation to gain maximum value, creating synergies, optimising your freight procurement.

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