Customers – Do we really need them?



Many of my responsibilities here at TenderEasy are customer centric, be it in the form of trainings, support, sales, etc. As much as I enjoy these encounters, they can be quite time consuming and, from time to time, make it hard to keep up with my other responsibilities – like writing this blog!
So, in the spirit of questioning everything, I feel it’s time that I really dug into the foundation of our business (as well as the foundation of the free market economy). Customers – what the heck do we need them for?? Wouldn’t life be much simpler without them? It would no doubt be a lot less stressful in any case. No sales activities, no trainings, no payments to process… We could use all day every day to perfect our tool, safe in the imagined knowledge there is no one who can offer a better or more efficient freight procurement solution. Unless there are others out there who also are sitting alone, developing their tool and basking in their own glory, of course...
Plus, customers often have a habit of multiplying through word of mouth, leaving less and less time to ourselves…
Then again, there are some benefits to having a customer or two… For example, a large chunk of improvement ideas seems to originate from existing customers. Needs that we haven’t thought about but that result in improvements and a better tool for everyone.
Secondly, our customer base helps us value our ideas and progressions, keep up with market trends and prioritize future developments we want to do. An invaluable source of feedback that we would never get our hands on had we not actively used our customer base as a source of knowledge!
Not to mention that pretty much all our customers are really nice people! I mean, nothing negative with my coworkers, but a bit of outside stimulation never hurt.

Oh, and I guess the money is kind of nice too. Food on the table and all that…
So to all our customers – know that you are appreciated and thank YOU for placing your trust in US!