A stable freight market: insights from TenderEasy’s August survey



We reached out to TenderEasy’s transport service providers for the fourth consecutive month to gather their input on the status and evolution of the freight market. The data presented below corresponds to the answers collected from over 137 respondents, 77% operating road transport, and 88% of them based in Europe. 

When asked about the difference in free capacity if compared to normal circumstances, almost 50% of respondents do not see a significant change with the same period last year. The percentage of respondents still experience more free capacity is lower than in the previous months, down 4% since July.

However, when comparing the demand received for transport services to last year, the results show a slightly more negative outcome, with -6,86% instead of the -5,13% form the previous month. This may be explained due to the summer period, the impact of COVID-19, or a combination of factors.

The expectations for freight demand in the near future also differ from last month’s survey. While in July, 53% of respondents expected an increase in demand, only 43% expect that in August, while 44% expect similar demand in the coming months.   

These results still show a stable market, with almost half of respondents witnessing stabilization of the demands and free capacity. We will continue monitoring the market and check with TenderEasy’s providers in September to see if the trends continue.