A better TenderEasy has arrived!



There have been a few changes on the TenderEasy platform in recent weeks and we think you’ll like them.

  • First things first, we’ve switched to HTML5. This gives us more flexibility and means quicker, more frequent updates, as well as enhanced functionality and extra fairy dust! At the moment, the bulk of the update is focused on creating a more user-friendly design, but there have been a few other changes which we’ve listed here.
  • When you login to TenderEasy now, you will notice that you needed to update your password if it is not in line with the new requirements. A bit annoying sure, but our new password policy, means better security for all parties. This applies to all users, both you and your suppliers.
  • When you navigate the tender overview or RFQ creation, you will now do so in the same browser window, so you can change  your settings easily.
  • Speaking of both the general status overview and the RFQ project dashboard, the dashboards now have an improved layout and provide better visibility of all items. For example, the “Create new tender” button easier to find and in the project overview you can see at one glance how many suppliers you have invited and how much time is left until the round closes.
  • Ever wanted to add a specific time, e.g. 3pm, to your RFQ deadline? Well, then we have more good news for you – you can now do so . Meaning you can be even more precise in your scheduling!

These changes will make TenderEasy RFQs smoother and more enjoyable for you and there are plenty more updates on the way!
If you have any questions or comments, please reach out on info@TenderEasy.com