Managing a successful freight RFQ 

Are you about to plan a freight tender RFQ / RFP? Or perhaps you've already started your work preparing for a freight tender, but soon realized it was way more complex and time-consuming that you could imagine.

No worries, we’ve compiled a complete guide for managing a successful freight tender RFQ!

What you'll get:
  • A complete guide.
  • Chapters from preparations to implementation.
  • Useful checklists.
  • Practical tips.
  • Best practices based on our vast experience.

Download the complete guide!

Working with large organizations and providing them with our freight e-sourcing platform, we are transforming the way companies manage their freight tender RFP / RFQ's.

We would like to share our experiences, so you can avoid some pitfalls and make the RFQ process easier.

In this complete guide, we will discuss the whole RFQ process:

1: Preparations
2: The RFQ setup
3: Bid collection and analysis
4: Awarding and implementation 

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