Take part in our webinar sessions to learn more about freight procurement and spot bidding solutions

Introduction to Spot Request 
Aug 30th, 3pm CET

This webinar will serve as an introduction to the spot request functionality, which is aimed at simplifying and speeding up the process of buying ad-hoc shipments on the spot market. 
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Basics of setting up a freight tender 
Aug 28th, 3 pm CET

Focus will be on the early stages of the freight tendering process, including bid sheet setup and how TenderEasy can support during this phase.

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Tool deep-dive webinars

New bids vs incumbent bid analysis & scenario - a practical example
Jun 29th, 10 - 10:20 am CET
This webinar will place a focus on how to analyze a set of bids in relation to current cost on a lane level. Which lanes have changed and how big is the difference?
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How to quality assure bids and communicate with suppliers on bid level
Oct 10th, 10 - 10:20 am CET
Learn how to best ensure that your bid data set is free from outliers, mistakes and otherwise wrongful data. And how to easily communicate with suppliers on a single lane level. 
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How to provide color-coded feedback, adjusted for quality components 
Aug 22nd, 10 - 10:20 am CET

This webinar will provide a look at how to adjust scenarios for quality components (frequency, pick-up time, CO2 levels, etc) and how to create feedback to suppliers that accounts for this.
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How to efficiently allocate business and share awards with preferred suppliers
Dec 4th, 10 - 10:20 am CET
We will go over how to best apply your scenario findings as volume allocations to suppliers. Also, we will cover how to best communicate allocations and nominations with suppliers.
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