Updated scenario module

Today we have updated TenderEasy with functionality to make freight tender analysis even more powerful. With the new features it goes much quicker to analyze tenders on various criteras.

An example where this new functionality can be used is a road tender covering a lot of countries or states. In TenderEasy you can now make a scenario setting to analyze a tender based on various criteras, for example business unit and destination country (or anything else). Then you run the scenario and within a few moments the result will be displayed ordered in the criteras selected by you. These criteras can at any time be changed to what you want to analyze. Then save the scenario, print a report and share with colleagues is availalbe as all other scenarios in TenderEasy. Making the information available, ready to analyze and for your business to take decisions based upon. This functionality can also be used for ocean tenders or air tenders.

Next release will be available in thrid quarter of 2014.  

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